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What To Expect from a Personal Soul Contract Reading

A Soul Contract Reading uses the sound of your birth name translated into Ancient Hebrew, to reveal the map of your life and your Soul Purpose.

* A Birth Reading enables you to understand your natural talents and helps you to manage the challenges in your life. This can provide a huge relief helping to understand your life and giving you a chance to move forward as a result. 

A birth reading also enables a healing practitioner to have a more profound understanding of your path. This provides better assistance in for your development and healing. 

* Relationship Readings differ from Personal Readings, as they provide a deeper understanding of the interactions between you and your loved ones.

Relationship Readings are intended to help you understand your relationships with your parents, siblings, partners and friends. It is of great guidance to grasp the flow of energy between people. 

​* A Name Optimisation Reading is recommended when your birth name contains very tough energies and you decide to ease your experience, accelerate your growth and break through the karmic energies holding you back.

* A Baby Naming is the opportunity to give a soul the best possible start in life by avoiding tough karmic patterns and energetic clashes with family.  


This is a short video (under five minutes) of my birth chart reading so that you can have an idea of the information you can gather from a Soul Contract Reading

What is a Soul Contract Reading?

If you're interested in finding out more, here is a talk I gave in 2021.
PS: Before you listen to the talk, you can generate your own birth chart for a small fee (only if your name is in the English language) on this website:!/home

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