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Soul Contract Reading - Business and Recruitment

Image by Hana Kim

The Soul Contract Reading concept can be extended to the business world.

A Business Name Reading allows you to:

- Create and register the optimal business name (legal name, trading name, registered address, web domain name, email address, pricing) before you start trading and maximise your chances of success.

- Look into your current business (legal name, trading name, domain name, email address and pricing) and make sure it is in line with your goals. if it is a match, nothing else is required, if it needs tweaking, we can work on an optimised name.

Prerequisite: a birth reading of the business owner as a business is a mirror of the owner's personal journey and will support them on their healing journey.

The same principle used in a relationship reading is used in the workplace.

After all, we spend quite a few hours interacting with co-workers, don't we?

A Recruitment Reading allows you to :
- Match the requirements of your role to the natural attributes of a candidate. 
- Help you understand the interactions with yourself and your future/current team member. 

- Get the best out of your team member. 
- Manage clashes that can happen in the workplace.


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