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Body Art

What is the Body Consciousness


These are Devic beings that are the “consciousness” of the physical body. They basically run the body, regulating all the body functions, e.g. digestion, immune response

The other name we use for the body consciousness is The Keepers of the Human Legacy (often abbreviated to just ‘The keepers’). Initially, they were programmed to run the programs of separation, thus causing physical behaviors to run that would hold the personality in separation, e.g. addictions to low vibrational foods. They also prevented our fields from unifying, which prevents Spirit from coming into the body and the Ascension process from taking place. They are the ones responsible for the feeling of being pulled in many directions at once. They also are the cause of the incessant “chatter” we experience, which distracts us and keeps us from focusing.

Once the body consciousness is realigned to Divinity using the Body Consciousness Realignment process, these little Beings become powerful allies in the Co-creation of Heaven on Earth. The Soul can only fully integrate in the body with their cooperation. Heaven on Earth can only be created with full integration with the physical body. Hence, working with the Keepers is of paramount importance.

Building a relationship with the Keepers is basically set up by communicating with them on a regular basis. Just like any other relationship, it requires dedication and time to establish and sustain. They need to be talked to and listened to. If proper attention is given, they can be heard and they will answer questions on matters pertaining to the Physical body, e.g. what supplements to take, foods to eat, colours to wear to maximize balance and harmony.

During lightbody mutational processes/ walk-in integration/ change in life circumstances, the Keepers will experience fear and stress. They need to be talked to and reassured and the changes explained to them. In many ways they are like young children. They are happy at heart and are easy to reassure, but need things to be explained very clearly and patiently and sometimes repetitively. They each have a “personality”. Some will be fearful, others grumpy or with a real “attitude”. They also have a Nationality and a language. So in working with a French client, the Keepers will speak French and have French attitudes. They can, however, learn another language. Keeping this in mind is crucial to the harmony of the Being as One.

When clearing old patterns from the Body, the Keepers’ help can be invoked. They will release the old patterns from the cells quite happily, as holding patterns of separation requires more energy than holding Oneness. These little guys are very tired in most of us and will quite happily co-operate with plans for lessening their workload. Similarly, if the release process is so intense that the personality is going out of balance and is debilitated, the Keepers can be asked to decrease the rate of release so that it is more manageable.

Sometimes, the Keepers will actually ask for something which the Body needs, e.g. a massage, a bath, a particular food or drink, to stay in bed, to do some particular exercise. It is important to follow this advice. They will also be happier if the body is kept warm, well fed, clothed and decorated. They love scents, jewellery and shiny things.

Communicating with the Keepers

The Keepers’ “headquarters” is in the Pelvic area, in the Sacrum. So placing a hand there or on the lower abdomen, during communication, helps to build the connection. It is best to speak in their native tongue (typically your first language/language of the country you were born in) if they are not fluent in English. They can be spoken to out loud or telepathically. Usually, once they realise that the human personality they are an integral part of is trying to talk to them, they will try to establish a mode of communication.

If you are visual, you may see them as green or purple lights, little smurfs, little fairy-like creatures. You may see one or many. There are actually hundreds of them but they often select a “spokesperson”. If you are clairaudient, you may hear them speaking directly in your head. Otherwise, you will “feel” the Keeper’s response in the body. A “Yes” is experienced as a pleasant, warm, relaxing feeling in the body. A “No” is experienced as a tightening, shivery, unpleasant feeling in the body.

​“Used with the permission of the Center for Conscious Ascension”

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