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VallerieWasch Founder Straight to the Truth

About Me

My name is Vallerie Wasch and


I first started my spiritual and self-healing journey, in earnest, back in 2015. 


Until that point, I had adopted the adage; "work hard, play hard," when it came to my professional life working in recruitment since 2003.

Discovering spirituality changed that mindset, and indeed, my whole outlook. It truly balanced and transformed my life for the better. 


This really started when I booked a Soul Contract Reading and received a Divine Healing session. The clarity and impact it had on me, made me want to learn more. 

Following this, I trained as a Reiki practitioner in 2016 and then became a Rahhani Celestial Healing practitioner and teacher in 2017. 

2020 was the year where this work really came into fruition in a meaningful way, and it saw me dive into Soul Contract Readings. From birth readings to relationship readings, phonetics and business alignments, there was no stopping me.

Divine Healing followed naturally in 2021 and I am continuing this and more in 2023 and beyond. 

Since January 2023, I've fully invested myself in my own business and have shared my time between Straight to the Truth (spirituality) and

STTT Corporate (corporate)

I launched 3 offers with STTT Corporate:

A candidate sourcing programme

A recruitment assistance programme

An employee engagement/retention programme


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